Saturday, May 21, 2016

Day 28: 17 cats and I'm not moving

5/18: miles 0

Bob Peoples is officially amazing. Not coming from the land of the AT I hadn't heard his name but I'm starting to understand. He's an incredibly well traveled retired Air Force vet who has been part of the trail community for over 20 years. He's incredibly active and a huge force behind local trail maintenance and the yearly Hardcore project. Shoot Backpacker magazine did an article about him,

Another hiker really summed it up, Bob is about the trail and the hikers not money. His home is attached by a breezeway to his hostel. And while it isn't anything fancy it's a great place to sit, listen and learn about he AT. The walls are plastered with finishers photos and there's trail paraphernalia all around. And then there are the cats.

I asked Bob who loved cats. His response, well my wife loved the dogs and the horses, I love the cats. He has this amazing grin when he talks,it's great. So of course there's a barn with horses and an ancient dog. But there's also a 17 cat semi feral colony that had free reign over the property. They're surprisingly social and pop in and out of an upper window trailing Bob wherever he goes. There are also 3 raccoons under the porch that get leftover cat food and I'm sure a few other enterprising animals are around.

It's a day of relaxing on the porch. Resupplying in Hampton, and meeting a few new hikers.

There's leftover homemade spaghetti sauce and it's a feast for dinner, a perfect small crowd of 6 and a great day off.

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