Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day 23: Hiking on

5/13: 0.2 before Butt Mountain - Whistling Gap
Mile: 301.7 - 328.7 (27 miles)

It was not a good night. My tent has some tricks and I'm rusty trying to set it up. By 2am I have a puddle. I wake up every hour or so to mop water up and feel sorry for myself. I can't tell if it's still raining or it's just the trees raining down on me. Either way it's wet and gray out so I mind as well start hiking. First stop is Big Butt Mountain, I can't tell I'm even on a mountain top it's just gray, wet and slippery rock.

The best views of the morning. But other than tired I feel good. My legs feel strong and I'm loving the climbing and the quiet.

It's one of those mornings where music is a welcome distraction and I'm finding meaning in every single song. And can I just say silly Kelly Clarkson songs are really hitting the spot.

It clears and there are road crossings along with cars and a few day hikers. I see Rest Stop and then a few hours later Funsize. And so continues our leap frogging of each other.

A nice bald with a view, more of the balds are what I expect and it's fun to see a different view and get a better idea of what's around.

The rain is bringing newts out in droves, this little guys was mini compared to the ones I saw this morning. One more reason to watch my feet.

Views or not it's peaceful, rain free and beautiful. And tonight I will work extra hard on remembering how the heck my tent actually protects me from rain.

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