Saturday, May 21, 2016

Day 27: Kincora

5/17: mile 394.8 - Kincora (Dennis Cove Rd, mile 418.2) 23.4 miles

It's basically dry when I wake up, what a treat. Looking back the clouds are hovering above Roan Mountain and I'm guessing it's mighty cold up there.

It's mellow walking, past a cemetery and Mountaineer Falls.

It's misty enough to use my umbrella and I'm happy for the distraction of another hiker that passes some time. It's fun meeting other nurses out here.

It's a soggy lunch break but at least it's a break in the rain. The tree cover helps but it's been a wet morning.

The clouds don't seem t be breaking up when I can actually get a look at the sky.

My original plan was to get as close to the next town as possible and head in first thing in the morning. But there is a sort of hostel hosted by the legendary Bob Peoples (details later) a few miles short of the road and tumors of a shuttle into town. Who am I to pass up trail angels who have been part of the trail community for 20+ years. Besides its $5 and only 0.2 off trail. It's not a hard sell, the two nurses I passed earlier are headed there and it sounds like a good choice.

We even get trail magic from a 2015 thruhikers!

Bob loves cats and I'm dry, showered and happy as a clam.

The great Bob lurking behind Rest Stop. A trip to town in the morning for resupply and then who knows.

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