Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 32: continued Ponies!

I'm having a great time and I'm only a mile from a shelter where I was planning to eat dinner when I see them, ponies! I have no idea why the Grayson Highlands are filled with ponies but they are, I've been hearing about them since before I even hiked so I am pretty ecstatic. Plus Bob Peoples said they love salt and will lick your hands so I grabbed a salt shaker from the hiker box.

I then killed an amazing amount of time with ponies. It was worth every second.

At the shelter I'm overwhelmed by people, there are over 20 and that's not including all the tents and hammocks tucked around in the trees. It's loud and unpleasant after my peaceful pony time. I head off even though it's raining and there are people everywhere for at least a mile. It's rocky and gorgeous, I keep stopping to enjoy the view and then I get frustrated with the shouting and general cacophony and keep going.

Rains coming

Right when I'm losing all faith in pleasant people I find more ponies, who cares when there are ponies?

The sky is looking menacing and the thunder and lightning are back with a vengeance. I've passed up a ton of sites and am now jogging through rocks and puddles as it starts to rain wishing I had stopped just a bit earlier. More ponies but no time to play, I throw my tent up getting soaked as it thunders over me. It of course stops 30 minutes later but it's cold and getting dark, now to sleep and dream of ponies.

Looking to my right...

Looking to my left...yeah not missing this rain

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