Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 20-21: Ok rain you win

Miles: 0

This is starting to become a pattern. The first zero day was great. I didn't the whole afternoon doing chores and it was perfect having a day to do nothing.

I really had every intention of leaving. I packed and was out the door after a quick rainstorm had come through thinking I was in the clear. I got out of town, across the bridge and the thunder started. I had barely enough time to get under the bridge before the torrential downpour started. 45 minutes later I was still huddled under the bridge. It was a light drizzle now and I saw patchy sun but I decided that I really just wanted a hot drink and to be dry this morning.

The clouds might have been lifting but I was having none of it. I hadn't even made it a quarter mile, back to town I went.

I found my coworker on the way back and along with her husband enjoyed hot coffee and good company all morning. It continued to pour on and off until the afternoon. But I was committed, besides Funsize had stayed in town and how often do you get to hang out with people from past trails? It was a day of people watching, hostel exploring and a whole lot of giggling. No regrets on this one.

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