Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 24: Erwin and Uncle Johnny

5/14: mile 328.7 - 342.2 (13.5 miles)

The miles are easy, it's cruiser trail down into Erwin the second half of the morning. But after all my worrying about being lonely I find I have zero desire to talk. I drop back and only catch occasional snatches of conversation. The temperature is perfect with a nice breeze and clouds rolling in, everything is so green it looks fake and I find myself oddly melancholy as I head into town.

Funsize and Rest Stop's voices float around and they wait to show me a snake. I've never seen a black rat snake before and this one wants nothing to do with us as it steadily backs up straight into the hole behind it. A new sight for sure.

Looking down towards the river into Erwin, it's beautiful.

We all end up at Uncle Jonny's Hostel, it's right on trail, has free shuttles into town and has 5-10 other hikers milling around along with 2 cats and a dog. My kind of places.

We make instant friends with peeping tom when Funsize spills some cereal. I've never seen cats move so fast when you open a package of anything at all.

The shuttle into town where I spend the entire two hours walking up and down Walmart aisles overwhelmed by food choices .

It's a mellow evening with some hiker talk but I mostly read and pet cats. Both find their way into our little cabin and I find myself happily falling asleep to a dinosaur movie and a cat. It's lonely within the crowd, I'm not feeling social and I enjoy the quiet and comfy beds.

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