Saturday, May 14, 2016

Day 19: Hot Springs

Miles: 263.2-273.7 (10.5 miles)

Waking up to a pretty sunrise, cruising to town. Not a bad way to start the day.

Everything is green, I'm still a fan of this whole green tunnel concept although I may feel differently in a few months. From a drought stricken Californian this green is pretty amazing, complete with delicious spring water every few miles.

As we pass a tent I'm shocked to hear my name. One of my coworkers retired a few months ago and started the AT with her husband in March. We catch up for a bit and make plans for dinner in town. Then off we go even more eager for town.

We're in a jungle out here. I've been eyeing these giant vines for awhile now and really would love a George in the jungle moment apart from that whole slam thing.

I'm still such a fan of all the signage out here.

The last few miles heading down are a tunnel of mountain laurel. It's a change in atmosphere and rocks and I'm loving it. Although the last bit is awfully steep and my knees don't love it. It's odd to hear the general hubbub of civilization when it can feel so secluded out here.

By the time we get to town it's full of hikers. There's fantastic people watching and good food. Plus it's only a few blocks long, my favorite kind of town.

Rest Stop and Bill enjoying free food, good times for sure.

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