Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day 40: back to the green

5/30: Pearisburg- gravel road
Mile: 634.2 - 657.5 (23.3 miles)

Between sleeping in, packing up and chatting with hikers it was past ten before I actually left town. And then I still had to walk the mile back to the trail. Needless to say the lovely fog that had hidden the mountains was long gone as I started to climb out of Pearisburg and the tree cover I've been used to was nonexistent.

The shelter had a great view but no thick green cover that's become so commonplace.

I haven't been in such hot dry terrain for awhile and I was neon red and pouring sweat within minutes. Thankfully there was some water so cooling off wasn't too hard.

Once on the ridge it got a little better although walking under power lines in the blazing sun is never my favorite. It was another longer dry stretch at 11ish miles but the trees started to fill in and some clouds rolled in which helped.

Nothing too eventful just some muggy walking, dinner at a shelter and then pushing on to a flat spot to camp before dark. I'm always sluggish after a few days of but I'll be back in the swing of things tomorrow starting at a normal time.

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