Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day 51: Rush to town

6/10: Ledges - Rockfish Gap (Waynesboro)
Mile: 827 - 861.4 (there was some speedy road walking to get to town before urgent care closed)

I sleep badly, despite the cooler air I wake up Ina pool of sweat multiple times overnight. But at least the morning is beautiful.

Down to water then more rolling climbs. It's hot and at an intersection I stare at a blue blaze that has been clearly painted over a white blaze. I've heard about this, where new trail has been rerouted. I check and the Mau-Har trail will save me 4 miles, plus it used to be the AT and even has a plaque about it.

I've been nursing what I'm afraid is an infected toe and after a failed phone call to healthcare yesterday I emailed my doctor. She thinks I should go to urgent care and since I magically seem to get service out here I find out that I have until 7 pm to get to town. My toe isn't terrible but I know how bad things like this can get and I'm tired of it constantly hurting and getting more swollen and red so any way to speed miles sounds great. Toes are pretty useful out here after all.

The Mau-Har trail is drop dead gorgeous heading down into a valley and then straight up boulders along a creek. It's waterfalls and swimming holes everywhere but also steep and rocky and full of climbing. So not quite a shortcut but a really beautiful blue blaze.

Taking a break at the Maupin Field Shelter I find fist sized spiders and stare at my frustrating toe.

Then it's hot muggy miles flipping from trail to road as fast as I can. Thankfully a pickup had already grabbed a few hikers and had no problem with 2 more.

I foolishly asked to get dropped off at the post office not urgent care. The hitch to the far side of town was looking rough until a cop pulled up. I expected to be reprimanded but instead he offered a courtesy ride the 3 miles to urgent care after I promised I had nothing illegal on me. Between the semi truck and the cop this has been one strange hitching week.

Yes my toe is infected and after lancing it and being told to keep clean I'm sent off with antibiotics and a very clean toe. I almost wish I had a blister or something, this was just some little micro abrasion that turned ugly. Hitching is a complete fail and after calling a cab (a first on a thruhike for me) I'm finally done for the evening. Not a very restful day but the important stuff is all taken care of.

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