Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day 49: Buena Vista

6/8: Johns Hollow Shelter - Buena Vista
Mile: 786 - 806.1 (20.1 miles)

It's a hot climb straight out of the gate but at least it's windy. It gets muggier but the wind is fierce and watching the leaves swirling all around is fun, who knew it rained green leaves? Plus I'm loving a history podcast right now and colonial witch trials make for an interesting morning listen.

Looking back at the James River.

There was this cheerful little monument at the top of the ridge.

The views were good but I had 12 dry miles in front of me (by choice, I skipped some off trail options) and didn't feel like lingering. Especially when I found a note left by a hiker warning of local copperheads. My day is always just fine minus poisonous snakes.

The miles are slow but I continue to distract myself with an audiobook which is fun and perfect today. Walking along a reservoir with plenty of creeks makes it all much nicer even in the humidity.

Mile markers are always fun. The trail heads along the large Browns Creek where there are even informational signs about an old freed slave settlement with old stone ruins lining the river for over a mile.

Crossing Browns creek falls then a nice break at a shelter before the last climb up to the highway. It's hot on the roadside and there is a sad lack of traffic. Imagine my surprise when an 18 wheeler pulls over. I thought he was stopping to let traffic by but he own his own truck and picks up hikers every year. My first big rig hitch!

I pick the hotel closer to trail and farther from downtown. It's 0.7 miles to the real grocery stores and only a short resupply so I cobble together a little food from a gas station and treat myself to pizza delivery. It will be a short night in town but a shower and air conditioning feel amazing.

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