Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day 41: Jumping Ridges

5/31: gravel road - spring
Mile 657.5 - 686.9 (29.4 miles)

And then some days are just sort of Ho hum. I'm sure the heat didn't help. The trail started climbing past Bailey Shelter with a short time on the ridge. But it was the descent that got me, the exposed forest along and 80+ temps had me going slow and fading quickly.

The whole day was up and over big ridges, through a few fields and past other hikers. There was a longer dry stretch but it wasn't bad because it was thankfully in the cooler afternoon and I had my tree canopy back. But overall just one of the oh so glamorous days of thruhiking, it was just walking all day long.

I love survey markets and this one is just for the trail which was the first I've seen.

The trail along the ridge had some nice open walking along rock faces.

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