Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 54: waysides!

6/13: amphitheater trail junction - near Rock Spring Hut
Mile: 888 - 928 (some miles shaved on the road)

The wind is fierce overnight but nothing falls on me and if a curious bear passed by I certainly didn't hear it. It's actually chilly when I wake up and I'm beyond excited. Even if it's only for an hour under 80 degrees is fantastic.

I take a side trail past the amphitheater and campground so I can stop at the Loft Mountain Camp Store. It has trash cans, power outlets and running water. Always joyful things. Unfortunately it's also 6 am and 100% closed. My resupply was not very well thought out and I was counting on these stores and waysides to supplement the few snacks I grabbed. So now I have a dilemma, wait 2 hours until they open or try to hit the next one before it closes? I figure it's perfect hiking weather right now so after a short breakfast break it's back to walking and a push to hike as far as I can before 7pm.

It's a few hours before it starts to heat up. Mornings are hands down my favorite right now. It's a quiet morning, I don't see many people other than resting at trail and road crossings. I decide it's my hike and I'm going to walk the road for a bit, it's mirroring the trail pretty closely anyhow. And magically I find hikers, at least 8 others apparently feel the same. It's nice to know other people have been staring at the road thinking the same thing.

There's trail magic and hopping back and forth between the trail and the road to help get to the Big Meadows Wayside before it closes. I have food but with the next wayside over 25 miles after this one I really need to make it on time. It's a crew of familiar faces the last 10 miles. Pie, Funsize, Rest Stop and Beast along with a few others make it with time to spare. Ice cream and burgers along with restrooms, running water and trash cans, I'm one satisfied happy camper.

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