Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 55: Wayside Away

6/14: near Rock Springs Hut - Hogback Overlook
Mile: 928 - 952.8

It gets cooler overnight and it's a good start to the morning. The overlooks on Skyline drive crossings mean I actually see a little sunrise and the clouds are blowing in nicely.

It's only a few short miles to the first wayside. Only Skyland isn't a wayside it's a fancy pants lodging, dining room, and gift shop. I feel nice and dirty next to all the folks staying there. It's a delicious breakfast but there is some ugly behavior around us, politeness seems far away and I'm happy to grab snacks and hit the road. Although somehow 3 hours has flown by. Good thing Maine isn't going anywhere.

A few minutes later Rest Stop spots this guy. He gives us a quick look and then it's back to munching leaves.

Then it's long hot miles. This heat makes me drag but the flowers pretty and the walking isn't too bad.

3 more Bears to add to the count, although these guys were speedier getting away.

We manage to get Elkwallow Wayside an hour and a half before it closes which is the perfect amount of time to wash up in a sink, eat some snacks and air my feet out. Even though the miles haven't been hard I'm beat.

A few turnouts and hiding from traffic during the day.

At the Hogback Overlook I intend to keep walking but instead collapse into a sweaty puddle and watch the sun set. Both Beast and Rest Stop are there and eventually we all peel ourselves from the ground and find stealthy campsites for the night. I'm going to keep blaming the heat for my tiredness for now, hopefully the breeze picks up and it's a good night.

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