Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 61: Froggy tunnel

6/19: Ashby Hollow - ridge 3 miles before Harper's Ferry
Mile: 995.9 - 1019.6 (23.7 miles)

I thought I was pretty happy in the tilted spot I was nestled in with some cooler temperatures last night but a good nights sleep was not to be. I have no idea why but I think I woke up once an hour all night. So it was a groggy muggy start.

The day started out with more of the roller coaster, ups and downs and a whole lot of sweat. But for all the heat it was a morning full of frogs in the dry leaves. More fun than just staring at my feet all day.

The amount of rocks have been increasing and about 7 miles in the trail reached Bears Den a popular area for sure. There are people everywhere along with some good views from a rocky cliff.

Looking out from Bears Den

Fun milestones this morning, officially 1000 miles in and now in the state of West Virginia. Goodbye Virginia, you sure were a long one.

I'm trying to look excited about the border but really I'm just so very hot and tired. No breeze and almost 90 degrees has me pushing and whiny.

As a side note today is not only a Sunday but also Fathers Day. I've counted over 100 people by noon, I stop counting after that because I can't even pretend to keep track. The most people I've ever seen in a day on trail I think.

The roller coaster eventually ends and while the people don't disappear they at least decrease in number. Miles are crawling by, I perk up a little but it never lasts long.

It would be easy to make it to Harper's Ferry tonight but with no cheap places in town except a perhaps full hostel it sounds nicer to pull up short tonight and sleep in tomorrow so I can get to the Appalachian Trail Headquarters while they're open. It's a diet of tradition to stop in and get your photo and your number (the number of hikers who have officially come before you).

20 miles into the day it's blazing hot and 0.3 miles off trail from Keys Gap is a convenience store. Since I'm in no rush a break sounds great. Soon enough I'm yet again overwhelmed by people but I'm happily eating a popsicle and drinking chocolate milk. I'm thrilled.

Camp is just a few miles away on a ridge line with a nice breeze. Tomorrow is the unofficial halfway point and an exciting milestone, I'll admit I'm pretty excited.

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