Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 57-58: Front Royal Rain

Miles: 0

I'm going to stop rationalizing these days off to myself. I remember town days as being incredibly stressful and more exhausting than hiking days on the PCT and full zeros and extra days off have become my favorite. They are stress free and I actually feel like I get a break

The first day off is laundry and other small errands but mostly sleep. I fell asleep at 7:30 the night before and sleep almost 12 hours. Guess I'm as tired as I actually felt. There are rumblings about rain and after another 3 hour nap but no resupply a second day off seems only logical.

In the evening a tornado and heavy thunderstorm warning overtakes the tv. I ask the hotel clerk and apparently the official warning is just to the north but we should still get walloped. Rest Stop and I head to the grocery store to finally resupply hopefully before the rain. The power goes out twice while I'm trying to check out and you can hear the rain from inside. It's pouring out, heavy wind and continuous lightning. A crowd of people stand under the store overhang just watching. It's fun, a little nature theatre as the wind whips and streets and sidewalks flood.

It eventually lets up a bit and we head back to the hotel. I sleep another 10 plus hours and decide a second day off might be good for me. Small chores and not much else and the day is already gone. Back to real life tomorrow.

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