Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 100: Cruising

7/28: Inn at the Long Trail - before Totman Hill Rd
Mile: 1700.8 - 1727.1

I'm almost packed before I realize I didn't actually manage to sleep in, it's barely 6 am. Oops, guess it's not a lazy start. But between breakfast and waiting for the inn to open its doors so I can get water I still don't end up leaving until almost 8.

Then it's back to trail. The view point I pass is pretty overgrown but Gifford State Park has spotless campsites and very nice restrooms. A good morning surprise.

The trail all day seemed pretty nice and filled with water. There were even sections of dirt road and soft pine not just 100% roots. I felt like I was being spoiled.

Don't worry there was still plenty of nonsense.

It started raining in the early afternoon but never got particularly heavy. I headed a little off trail to check out a private cabin that lets hikers stay. It was pretty nice, complete with ladder and viewing platform on the roof. There were some other hikers there but no water. The water has been more prevalent and I got complacent and didn't check so I'm almost empty which means no staying and enjoying the views. But the canopy keeps me mostly dry and it feels good to be hiking.

A few miles later is a shelter off trail and the water is literally a slow drip. It's takes over 10 minutes to get a liter but it's cold and delicious. I guess it really is a dry year out here, even in Vermont.

Getting towards the end of the day I find trail magic at a road crossing. It's actually a hikers mom who is visiting but it means fresh watermelon, a soda and even new toothpaste. Apparently their dentist is very excited about their hike. It's two girls who have been friends since they were 5 and are still happily hiking together. It's a great end to the day.

I have to go a little farther because I still need water to camp and finally collapse into a flat spot in the woods. It was muggier today than it has been in awhile and I'm beat.

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