Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 99: Unexpected Visitor

Miles: 0

I've been playing phone tag with a friend from the CDT and it turns out she's nearby so I'm swooped up after breakfast and spend the day doing errands by car and seeing a little of Vermont. Woohoo!

There's a historic farm, the only national park in Vermont. Then onto the Cabot cheese store. Where they sell a million things but also let you taste cheese which is delicious.

The rest of the day is real errands. I grab a few extra layers for the upcoming mountains. They are supposed to have particularly wicked weather. I even make a resupply box and mail it up ahead which should make the whites a little nicer. Cobbling together 5 days of food from a convenience type store is never as nice as a real grocery. We end up mailing it hanover so I get a sneak peek of my next town and I pick up my new shoes.

Then it's back to the inn. This time in the grass across the street. But they are lovely and let us hang out in the common room and use their wifi and bathrooms. We watch climbers scale the rocks above and amateur ham radio operators practice in the parking lot. All in all a very full and surreal day.

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