Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 118: Blue and Bemis

8/15: S Arm Rd - Powerlines
Mile: 1942.3 - 1961 (18.7 miles)

I finally really leave the cabin and 4 of us start the climb up Old Blue Mountain. It's 2200 ft up but there's a breeze and going slow it's a good solid climb. Up on top we eat leftover breakfast and head out at separate paces.

It's actually nice trail and I can really walk for a bit. I love the soft pine needle covered ground and am just trying to remember the roots are slick even if they look dry. The it's up Bemis Mountain. Along the ridge is swathes of open granite, great views and lots of ripe blueberries.

At the base of one road I get trail magic and a mile later I get more! Less miles but unexpected snacks are nothing I'm going to be unhappy about.

There are never ending ponds in Maine although they are huge, more lakes than ponds but either way they are awfully pretty. Unfortunately also filled with leeches but beggars can't be choosers.

I head a bit past a shelter and find a perfect flat spot under some power lines. Not the most picturesque but it's flat which is a rarity out here.

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