Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day 110: Battle Scars

8/7: View past Imp Campsite - White Mountain Hostel
Mile: 1883.6 - 1890.9 (7.3 miles)

Town day! I'm so close to Gorham NH it's an exciting morning. My pack is light and while not the official end to the craziness that has been the white mountains Gorham is a bit of a mental milestone. It's the last town before Maine and it feels like things are starting to wind down.

Rocks and roots, no big surprises this morning. One last climb up Mt Moriah and then down it is.

It's steep and slow and I'm barely crawling along but I'm getting there. And then it happens, my right foot catches on a rock and I'm falling forward. One of my biggest fears out here. My right knee slams straight into a rock and my left shoulder and elbow hit more rock as I turn to save my head. It's shocking and hurts and I'm lying scattered across the rocks that are the trail. Fight or flight in full swing I'm shaky and close to crying. After laying there panicky I decide nothing seems broken and I manage to get upright. My knee is turning purple and bleeding, my shoulder hurts and I'm beyond rattled. I start limping down the trail feeling incredibly shaken up and miserable. I make it to the rattle river and try to wash up a bit but don't want to stop long and thankfully the last 4 miles into town are most flat and wide easy trail.

I make it to the white mountain hostel and gratefully change clothes, shower and collapse. My knee hurts the most but I think it's just a bad bruise. For now the plan to take a zero seems perfectly timed and I'm so glad I fell so close to town. It's a full house and the crowd is good distraction. I crash early snug in a bunk bed after stiff legging my way through the afternoon.

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