Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day 113: Let's walk to Maine

8/10: White Mountain Hostel - Carlo Col Shelter
Mile: 1890.9 - 1907.7 (17.1 miles)

It's so hard to leave the hostel, it's been a cozy fantastic break but Maine calls. After breakfast I planned to leave first thing but of course didn't get out until after 9, I'm still limping but it's much better and off I go.

It's a short road walk out of town and then back to climbing. It's humid climbing the two thousand feet and I'm slow after a few days of hiking but it's not too scramble filled and once up its rolling 500 ft with stops for blueberry bushes and chatting with southbounders.

Clouds are thick but it's dry enough out, fall is even starting to peek out of the forest. Streams are scarce but the day does have a few ponds.

I start leapfrogging with two other hikers that I spent some time with in Gorham and we all commiserate about how surprisingly tough the day has been. The small ups and downs kill in the humidity and the rocks just don't quit. The last climb is Mt Success which takes forever but has some great views. The three of us hobble our way down the mountain.

It's slow and I can hear the whooping well before I make it. And then I've officially made it to Maine, my last state on the AT.

I had thought to get farther tonight but I'm beat and 0.3 miles off trail is water and shelter. It's a huge crowd and a fun end to a long day. Familiar faces, goofy stories and pictures of baby bobcats that another hiker saw today. A great evening.

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