Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 105: Mt Moosilauke

8/2: Hikers Welcome Hostel - Past Kinsman Shelter
Mile: 1790.2 - 1811.5 (21.3 miles)

The hostel makes pancakes and eggs and it's a horde of hikers descending into the table before heading out into the sunny morning.

It's around 4000 ft of climbing up to the Mt Moosilauke summit but it's a great climb and it feels fantastic to be hiking today. The higher I get the more mountains I can see. I forgot how much I really love being above treeline.

The last 2 miles towards Kinsman Notch are when it starts to rain and get crazy steep. The trail follows a waterfall and the slick rocks take some very careful maneuvering. But I do make it to the bottom unscathed.

Once at Kinsman Notch I take quick break and start the rest of the day which is more big climbs and lots of steep rock. But I'm feeling good and pass by some of the established campsites.

Eliza Brook is gorgeous and it's more waterfalls and steady climbs along with perfect swimming holes. To bad it's chilly now.

The later it gets the more I think I might have misjudged. I climb Kinsman Mountain and a southbounder says there's a stealth spot coming up. I somehow miss it and as it gets darker I get nervous. I'm hiking in that half dark where the rocks are harder to see desperately trying to find a spot before full dark. I get to a steep spot where I can't even tell which rock face is the trail and miraculously I find the first small flat spot next to the trail I've seen over the last mile. I'm mad at myself for hiking too late and swear I'll be more careful. But for now I stuff dinner into my face and fall dead asleep.

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