Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day 96: Manchester Zero

Miles: 0

My whole plan for my day off was to not leave the house. The hostel is clean and mellow. With only 7 beds and most of the hikers gone I'm beyond happy. The only other hiker staying heads into town and I have to whole house to myself for a few hours. I get to read and take care of small little housekeeping things and mostly just relax.

The house is full again within a few hours and Jeff the hostel owner has an outside building as well so it's more faces towards evening. Mostly small talk and trail gossip but it's fun. I hear about what a zoo the fire tower was during the day and am extra glad I got to experience it like I did. It's a wonderfully relaxing day and I would happily stay longer but tomorrow it's back to hiking.

Vermont is Ben and Jerry country and at the hostel a pint is included in your stay. A fun snack for sure.

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