Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 104: Hikers Welcome Hostel

Miles: 0

In the middle of the night I head over to the bathrooms and almost trip on this guy. I'm used to bears scrounging in trash cans but families of skunks are a new one.

The hostel is a great place to be today. It starts raining early on and never really stops. Soaking wet hikers trickle in all day and I feel comfy in my cotton laundry clothes happy to read my book and chat with the crowd.

The new bunk room smells wonderful, a rarity in the hiking world. It's all fresh wood and loveliness which overwhelms the smelly hiker feet stench.

A new tv shows up today and one the hikers is hard at work building a Lego stand for the DVD player. It's great fun seeing the mix of southbounders, northbounders, and section hikers. The night ends with a fire in the still sprinkling rain with at least 30 hikers hovering around. It's quite the crowd.

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