Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 103: Sunrise Wake Ups

7/31: Smarts Mountain Fire Tower - Hikers Welcome Hostel
Mile: 1770.3 - 1790.2

When you sleep in the fire tower 5 am wake up for sunrise isn't so hard, just sit up and enjoy.

Starting out its all forests and down hill. It's chilly and I'm all layered up. The wind is fierce but other than a few sprinkles I stay nice and dry.

Climbing up to the Eastman Ledges it's wide open views and icy wind. All the way up to Mt Cube I hope the rain holds off as I climb.

After that I start heading down. Then it's rolling climbs and at least one or two more mountains. The later night and early wake up are catching up. I find myself sitting on the edge of the trail tired and staring into space. I'm happy to know I'm heading to a hostel tonight and am planning to take a day off.

One of the other guys who stayed in the fire tower passes me by and his excitement is contagious. With a second wind I manage the last few miles to the Hikers Welcome Hostel. It's a mellow place with an outdoor shower/bathroom/laundry building, a fire pit and a shiny new barn/bunk room. It's crowded and after a quick trip to the grocery store it's an early night and with rain on the way I'm looking forward to my planned zero tomorrow.

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