Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 116: Slacking off

8/13: Slack from S Arm Rd - East B
10 miles

I eat a giant breakfast while it drizzles outside. I'm offered the option to slack pack and I figure why not. Slack packing is honestly just day hiking. I still carry a bunch of my gear but don't have to carry anything but snacks and get picked up at a designated spot. So I can get drenched all day and still eat dinner and enjoy a warm bed.

Almost everyone else at the cabin did the slack the day before so it's just me. I get dropped off and head up into the mist. It's hard to tell when it's really raining, every time the wind blows it feels like it's pouring. Either way it's a wet white out kind of morning. At the top of the first 2000 ft climb I get this awesome view.

But I'm having a great time and it's fun knowing I only have 10 miles to do today.

It's wet and slick and the seasons feel like their changing. There are two big climbs and descents the first half and the descents are of course rocky and slow.

I run into a group of 6 slacking the other direction which is fun and I love the camaraderie even hiking in different directions. The rain continues but the second half of the day is sailing. Easy trail and I'm actually walking not scrambling. Ponds aren't for swimming today but they still are pretty.

It's early afternoon and I get to take a hot shower and relax before we head into town for an all you can eat Italian night. The rain has created a bottle beck of hikers and there are a ton of people around. I'm most excited to see a section hiker I met in Gorham who I happily spend the evening chattering away with.

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