Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 115: Andover

8/12: Little Baldpate - Andover (East B Rd)
Mile: 1926.4 - 1932.2 (5.8 miles)

Around 4 am a large group of French folks loudly tromp by and eventually I fall back asleep. Then it's crazy steep slick rock. There are ladders and even rope in one spot. It's one of the first days I actually have to regularly sit on my butt to safely scoot down the mountain.

It's technically downhill but there's enough small climbs that I'm tired and looking forward to town. It's incredibly humid and it's a long start to a day.

Andover actually has two roads you can hitch from so my day will be either 6 or 16 miles. My plan is for 16 miles but I meet a couple day hiking a few minutes before the road and am offered a ride. It starts raining as we drive and I feel more than happy with my decision.

Andover is a one block town. I find a hiker I know and we eat breakfast and debate. It's drizzling and the hostel in town is full. You can camp behind the restaurant but I go out on a limb and call a place called the cabin. It's a great decision. We're picked up and driven a few miles outside of the main town to a lovely cabin with plenty of space just for hikers. It starts pouring and we make ourselves comfortable.

Honey and Bear are our hosts and have been involved in the hiker community forever. They are wonderful folks filled with stories and great cooks to boot.

Dinner is quite the affair with around 8 hikers and a ridiculous amount of food.

The house is as full of history as my hosts.

The photo is of the very first official northbound and southbound hikers on the AT. Pictured in back are Honey and Bear and all around are little things hikers have made and done. Stained glass, wood carving, bird houses you name it. What a special place.

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