Friday, July 1, 2016

Day 64: Caledonia

6/22: Raven Rock Shelter - Caledonia Park
Mile: 1059.1 - 1082.6( 23.5 miles)

Oh muggy mornings, you seem to be my fate. It got cooler overnight but with the humidity it means everything is still damp. Yay wet clothes, they make you cooler?

It should be an easy few miles to Penmar Park and the Mason Dixon Line but it's rocky and not the nice easy downhill I'd hoped for. Luckily the humidity has dropped a bit and the park is peaceful and pretty when we get there.

Looking out from the PenMar pavilion

Big historical and geographical markers today. Hello Pennsylvania and the North!

We walk into the town of Waynesboro. I need food but more importantly some clothing switch ups. Chafe is a menace and after 2000 miles my bra deserves a nice death. Plus I manage to break my sunglasses on the way into town so it's a very useful shopping trip.

4 hours later it's back on trail and under the beautiful tree cover that gives me shade and is at least 10 degrees cooler than the sun. More picnic tables and faucets and nice easy trail. There's a lot of groups of young city looking kids overloaded with gear and I eavesdrop on their poison ivy lecture. I'm still terrible at recognizing it and it's apparently everywhere.

One big climb and then more easy ridge line miles. There's a few rocky sections but nothing terrible and it doesn't even feel that hot.

I pass the last shelter thinking 3 more miles to Caledonia Park doesn't sound too bad. About a minute later I'm tired and cranky but I've committed and the last 1.5 miles are nice after a bit more nasty rockiness.

It's a bit of a search for a water fountain in the massive park and a last minute campsite before dark. Drunk people and lightning bugs, quite the mix. The official halfway mark is tomorrow and Pine Grove Furnace which should be fun. There's an AT museum and a half gallon ice cream challenge that I have no need to participate in but could watch and giggle no problem.

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