Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 72: Port Clinton and Hamburg

6/30: Hertline Campsite - Port Clinton
Mile: 1198.7 - 1217.5 (18.8 miles)

I'm feeling pretty good when I get up but Rest Stop ended up with mice in his tent overnight so he's not quite a chipper.

It's green and pretty and we pass the 1200 mile mark. This is only exciting because it means we now have less than 1000 miles left which is pretty cool.
Water is getting harder to come by and I have to actually go off trail more often than I wished. Those 0.1-0.3 miles add up some days. I'm fading fast and tell Rest Stop maybe I'll see him ahead. Today is feeling much harder than it should.

At least there are pretty butterflies everywhere.

See that beautiful smooth road? Yeah that is most definitely not the AT, back into the rocky woods you go.

Oh rocks some days I'm not bothered but today you're making me work. It's a steep descent down into the town of Port Clinton and I find Rest Stop waiting at the top. Staying in town hadn't been the plan but he basically tells me I look like death and just because I don't want to take a day off doesn't mean my body feels the same. I feel guilty because I just took time off and don't know why I'm so tired but he has a point.

It's a short and very steep mile down to town, across train tracks and to the post office and very friendly barbershop. I get water and decide a hotel sounds needed. A local offers us a ride into Hamburg and with 45 miles of food still in my pack I find myself outside an interstate type shopping area with Walmart, fast food, cabelas and a much appreciated hotel.

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