Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 85: Connecticut

7/13: forest/pastures - ridge line forest
Mile: 1446.8 - 1468 (23ish miles)

I wake up covered in sweat, the humidity is back and everything from my backpack to my clothes is damp or still soaked in sweat from my last climb yesterday evening. Dirt sticks to everything and everything I own smells beyond awful.

The first miles are through pretty foggy swamp. I pass the train station to NYC. I thought about adventuring into the city but the sensory overload ruled it out. This trip is about the trail, the city deserves its own.

There's a garden center that has a faucet and snacks but it's not open yet so I start my slog up through cow pastures. While it should be lovely it's already over 80 and humidity is 96%, ouch.

The miles are harder then they should be with the humidity. But I plod along through the forest, excited when I officially make it to Connecticut. The states are coming fast again, this one is only going to be around 52 miles.

Lots of signs, and even a river. It's pretty but I have plans. I dip my head and move on. The bugs are merciless. It isn't even the mosquitos is the never ending flies and gnats who seem determined to live in my eyes and ears. Is it safe to walk with full on earplugs in? I wish it was.

I see 2 black squirrels in the forest, I'd heard they were around but they still look strange. I was of course not quick enough for a photo but they were fun to watch scampering away.

More climbing and forest, I'm seeing more hikers so I know town is close...

I get to the road and start walking. The town of Kent CT looks mighty expensive but has a real grocery store and my brilliant plan is to walk the 0.8 miles to town, hang out until 8 and then camp at the first nice flat spot I find. So not a true day off but some time to hide from the heat.

I pass mansions heading into town, there is some serious money out here. Private schools and acres of groomed grass yards, but there are also small places full of chickens which is a great addition and makes my afternoon happier.

The outdoor store at the edge of town has wifi, is also an ice cream place and seems to sell upscale clothing rather than real outdoor gear but they're very friendly and have a bathroom. I wander through town watching the upscale antique shoppers and spend far too long in the air conditioned grocery store. The afternoon passes quickly and I walk out of town and to the top of the ridge hoping for at least a small breeze.

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