Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 71: Pine Grove

6/29: tent site - Hertline Campsite
Mile: 1180.5 - 1198.7 (18.2 miles)

Over the mountain and through the woods we go, or you in this case through a state park, under an interstate and back to the ridge line we go. Either way the trail is taking me somewhere even if it is accompanied by the roar of traffic for miles.

The ridge line is a rocky ascent and the first but is all cobwebs, wet grass and rockiness. But it gets smoother and the little salamanders are back out in force. And the very best thing? A breeze!

At PA 501 we instantly get a hitch into the town of Pine Grove. I get nervous saw exchange highways 3 times, I have a sinking sensation that getting back to the trail isn't going to be a fun experience.

The grocery store isn't bad and has great day olds and done of the friendliest locals I've had the pleasure to chat with in awhile. We dry our gear, resupply and snack trying to figure out the best way back to the trail. It seems easiest to just grab a local shuttle and ten minutes later we're back on trail.

It's rocky and slow and my pack feels like a thousand pounds.

I'm cranky and even more upset when I tweak my knee on the rocks. It seems to take forever to get to Hertline creek. I'm shocked to see Nobo who I haven't seen in ages. We chat, killing time. My thoughts of pressing on are less and less appealing and Rest Stop is on board. It's the earliest night I've had in ages and I'm asleep before dark.

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