Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 90: Cranky Days

7/18: Glen Brook Shelter - Tyringham Cobble
Miles: 1512.7 - 1539.5 (26.7 miles)

It's a slow rocky start but not too bad just a long descent as usual.

Down and across fields which is a little different. It's another hot one out here. I'm getting slower as the heat increases. Another hiker starts walking with me which helps pass the time. The ridge line looked flat but somehow is full of miniature ups and downs, rocks and dry water sources.

It's hard to stay cheerful when water sources are dry or beaver pond runoff. I stop by a sad little puddle that's at least flowing, the springs are just as seasonal as the creeks. I'm attacked by a cloud of mosquitos, gnats and flies which make it a short break and in a funk I head on.

It's nice pine forest but I'm not loving the evening with the endless mosquitos and muggy dampness. Water is still unreliable and I'm doing shorter days to time Dalton better so I stop earlier than usual which is a nice break.

I make it up to Tyringham Cobble hoping for a good sunset but even though I was planning a short day it didn't quite happen and I lay in my tent thoroughly beat.

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