Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 84: Hot and Humid

7/12: Canopus Creek - forest/pastures
Mile: 1420.1 - 1446.8

The mosquitos seem the most vicious at dusk but I don't trust them so I pack up as much as I can before braving the world outside my tent. It's pretty nice out and I'm soon walking around Canopus Lake accompanied by bagpipe music. Which is very strange but fun, there's a car campground nearby so I'm guessing that's where my mystery bagpiper is hiding.

I run into Foxtrot a few miles into the morning and we spend the rest of the day hiking together. It helps pass the time and it's fun having new stories during the day.

It's lots of rolling forest and rocks, there's even one actual running stream which is pretty exciting. Water seems to be getting scarcer and scarcer.

This was a trick creek, it looked good but is so bad it gets its own sign not to drink, oh well I appreciate the warning.

13 miles in we head off trail for water at a nearby deli grabbing a few snacks and meeting new hikers. One of whom has a positive Lyme disease test and is currently on antibiotics, this is my biggest fear and we spend the next few hours debating if our tired achiness is normal due to hiking or Lyme. Needless to say we're both over thinkers with way too much information and time.

Right as we get back on trail we see a fox which is a first but the rest of the day is pretty uneventful, more forest and rolling miles. We hike a bit with some other folks, passing Nuclear Lake which causes endless jokes and a short history lesson from the AT data book that one of the guys has. Think plutonium and chemical explosions.

Towards the end of the day Foxtrot and one of the guys stops at the shelter. It has no water so I push just a little farther. Passing the Dover Oak, the largest Oak on the trail which is pretty neat. I stop right at sunset before the trail descends to a swamp. I'm still attacked by mosquitos setting up but probably not as bad as in the beaver swamp right up ahead. And tomorrow is Connecticut!

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