Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 92: Greylock

7/20: Barton Brook - Thunderbolt Shelter
Miles: 1566.2 - 1586

It actually gets cold overnight, enough that I have to fumble around finding my warm shirt which I haven't needed in ages. I sleep in a little and after one short climb and 2.5 miles have made it to Dalton. It's a small town that the trail cuts straight through, across railroad tracks, the Housatonic River, and towards a few businesses. I end up at a little cafe with a solid a trickle of thruhikers and a lot of locals. Somehow I kill a few hours not leaving until 10. Wifi, coffee and frozen yogurt are a wonderful morning start.

Leaving Dalton the trail heads into
neighborhoods and it's a funny little line of hikers heading out of town. Maybe ten or so people are all spaced out 20-50 yards. I mess up the pretty pattern stopping to pet a friendly cat and have the streets to myself again.

He's a smarty, he knows more are coming

The rocky lookout to Chesire.

It's a lovely pine needle filled climb up to the ridge and then rolling forests and ponds all the way to Chesire. A little store on trail and the same faces from this morning make for another long break.

To round out the day it's 8 miles of climbing up to Mt Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts. It ends up going pretty quickly, I hike with 2 guys for awhile then after a break Sacagawea and Foxtrot catch up.

We make it to the top to find the tower covered in scaffolding. Oh well it looks cool either way. There's a lodge here with hostel bunks and a group of us hover forever trying to decide whether or not to stay. It's getting really cold and the group pushes on 0.1 to an emergency ski hit nearby.

The ski hut is really cool and seems to be mice free! I can't believe how cold it was outside, certainly a change from the last few weeks. What a gorgeous and fun food filled day.

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