Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 87: Salisbury

7/15: past Rands View - Salisbury
Mile: 1495.4 - 1498.3

Before I fell asleep last night I starting looking at places to stay in Great Barrington and am shocked to find the cheapest place is about $200, ouch. I'm more then ready for laundry and a break from the humidity and spend awhile flipping pages and decide instead of just walking a little off trail to Salisbury for coffee and a snack like I planned I'll cross my fingers and find a reasonable place.

I wake up more than looking forward to laundry, everything is still damp and reeks. The forest is nice but the descent is crazy steep and I'm just ready for town.

This was labeled a view point, I think it's pretty but it's hard to tell.

Looking back at the steepness.

It's not far off trail to town and soon enough I'm drinking coffee chatting with more hikers. There are two ladies who rent rooms in town and one of the hikers warns me against one. I decide to try the other but head to the library first. It's awesome.

The librarian is incredibly nice and excited, they just rebuilt the inside and reopened 2 days ago. It's shiny and lovely and I'm loving this town with all its people watching.

I walk over to Mrs Maria MCabes house and am in love. She's 87 and 100% in love with helping people and I'm so very glad I'm here.

She drives me to the laundromat, I get to wear town clothes and enjoy Italian food and then back to the house to enjoy dinner and more hikers.

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