Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 89: Mellow days

7/17: Salisbury - Glen Brook Shelter
Miles: 1498.7 - 1512.7 (14 miles)

I am not motivated to leave this morning and don't get going until late. Maria is a lovely host and I've had a great time in Salisbury but after 2 days it's time to get going.

Sparky and I head out at the same time after Maria gives us a ride back to the trail. The trail passes by a cemetery and more of the houses of Salisbury before heading back into the trees. The first climb is around 1000 ft to Lions Head but it feels great. There's a perfect cool breeze and even though it's hot it feels wonderful without the smothering humidity.

There are some rock ledges but it's mostly nice dirt trail to start. There a bit of nice ridge walking before climbing up to Bear Mountain where I pass hordes of dayhikers. I hadn't realized it was a Sunday but the crowds make more sense once I remember.

The gentleman with the beard is Cumulous, our trail magic provider.

There's trail magic on top of the mountain, sponsored by a gentleman from a Connecticut Atheist Association. Certainly not as common as the churches but just as appreciated. It's much rockier heading down but not bad just slow.

The trail follows Sages Ravine which is beautiful, green and full of swimming holes. Eating lunch with Sparky we realize we've missed the border and have officially made it to Massachusetts. Then it's a long climb up to Mt Race along big rock ledges. It's such a treat getting all these views. The last climb is up Mt Everett which would have been horrid if wet but thankfully was just very steep and rocky.

Partway down the mountain are 2 large coolers of ice water, what a treat. We take a side trail to Guilder Pond because why not?

There are hilarious dogs and a nice place to soak my feet, not bad at all. It's a very short way to the shelters and after walking in circles for awhile we find a quieter spot. There's a teenage Jewish youth group sharing the area so quiet is a bit hard to come by. Another hiker finds us and it's a sociable dinner before I'm as usual happy to sleep.

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