Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 11, Nance Canyon (4/29)

We woke up with a goal. There is a cafe called the paradise cafe about a mile off trail at mile 151. We camped at about mile 120. The only tricky business is that the cafe closes early on Monday's at 3 pm and is totally closed on Tuesday's. So since food is one of our main topics of conversation and it is the only 100% sure water source for 33 miles Monday before 3 is a must.

Up and out of camp early as usual to avoid as much of the sun as possible. Some people may like 80+ degree heat but it sure makes hiking tougher. Headed 7 or so miles up and around boulder fields to an amazing trail angel who has a big cistern of water for hikers to use and then a long climb up a ridge line to yet another new view.

Heading down started to get really hot and we stopped and hid from the sun, and ate the best trail snack ever. Fresh fruit!

I have been hiking on and off with a number of people and it's always fun to round a corner and find people you know. Today we got to join the cousins as we hid from the heat of the day by having siesta time. And we only disturbed about a million ants and one giant rattlesnake in the process. Eventually made our way down into nance canyon with actual running water (sometimes way hard to come by out here). About 9 people here tonight, although we expect to meet a whole lot more as the crowd from kickoff starts to catch up!

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