Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 23, A little climbing maybe?

Sorry for posting in the wrong order, no idea how to fix on the phone...

Daily mileage: 24 (a lot of this mileage is just a rough estimate since we tend not to camp at landmarks)
(mile 334 to 358)
Yup we hauled ourselves and our dewy sleepy bags off the trail by 5:15 just so we could get to McDonald's. To be fair McDonald's is our only water source today. 27 miles to Wrightwood (our next town stop) and reliable water. I can't honestly remember the last time I went to McDonald's but I sure am a fan of running water so the rush was on. We managed to roll up by 7:45, guess 8 by 8 was our fun mileage of the day. Plus we got to walk by buzzing power lines, acres of freeway in the distance and an amazing cliffside breakfast spot. All in all not a bad morning.

An hour spent sitting outside where we watched the flow of very clean humanity spend their morning. Nothing like standing next to two teenage girls saying "oh my god I look so messed up" as I think about how insanely bad I smell and the fact that I have showered once since this trip started. Let's not even start with how my shirt attracts dirt. Who am I kidding, the life of hiker trash is great. McDonald's bathroom water and overpriced fruit from the chevron saw me onto my scenic way.

Freeway and railroad underpasses are pretty creepy...But at least they are a little cool. Climbed a bit, that little gray line is the freeway we walked under

Getting hot, seeing rattlesnakes and a little bit of poodle dog bush. The plan was for something like 8 more miles till break and I was not feeling it, and then we rounded the corner.

Amazing early break. That's sauté trying on some if the rain gear on the cache, a total necessity when it's almost 90 and cloudless. Then the climbing began in earnest.

That's looking down after some 2000 ft of climbing back to where the morning started.

Siesta and then walk for hours, slight detour on a fire road to avoid some poodle dog bush and then right when it was bedtime the perfect little overlook off the trail, can see at least 3 huge cities. No clue where Wrightwood is though.

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