Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 26, Another detour?

Daily mileage: 23
Mile 394- detour mile 4 ish left PCT at 413

Woke up and hit the real PCT. Forest walking with just a little bit of burn, we continued our love affair with highway 2 crossing yet another two times (what is that crossing 9 or 11?) and passed the 400 mile mark. Which was sort of hilarious because we passed at least three handmade 400 mile signs on the trail, wherever the exact spot was I don't know but the mileage happened.

Around mile 403 the real burn area started and some very avoidable poodle dog bush started to pop up. Poodle Dog Bush continues to be the biggest fear producing thing on the trail in southern California. It supposedly produces a much nastier version of contact dermatitis than poison oak. Only that's about all we know about it, no one has gotten it yet and no one has ever heard of it before.
Stayed nice and exposed as the trail headed down towards sulfur springs.

More burn area and climbing and then siesta at the puddle (oh excuse me spring...) at 411a. I wanted to keep going because there was supposed to be another spring within a mile but they were convinced we were at the farther spring, nope there is a better spring at 411b but a way nicer siesta spot where we were.
Climbed slash contoured our way to hopefully our last detour. A much shorter one this time, leftover from the station fire.

No question of following this one, trail is very clearly closed and the fire road wonderfully marked with PCT signs. So down we went on what was actually a great road walk, good views, good trail.

Camped right before the end of the detour and the ranger station in a big flat pullout from the road. Back to the real PCT tomorrow.

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