Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 33, Bye Bye Aqueduct, Hello Wind Farm

Daily mileage: 19
Mile 532-551

Woke up on the side of the road 100% not rested. Apparently my bedtime was skipped so my body would not go to sleep. Less than 3 hours of sleep for me and back on our way we went. 6 or so miles to our water, a faucet from the aqueduct labeled do not drink. We sure are getting familiar with that sign (it just wants you to treat it because it hasn't been treated yet). We had entered a new wind farm but now it was serious, at least 4 miles wandering through that thing before we finally started climbing out.

A hot climb to Tyler Horse Canyon and our last water for awhile. Contoured our way out then dropped down only to haul ourselves back up yet again. The lovely wind farm wind had disappeared and it was toasty out in that sun. Umbrella in full use as there was zero shade.
Finally siesta time in the middle of the trail as there were no flat spots and it was over 90 in the sun. Napped for almost 4 hours. I guess I was not the only tired one.
A bit more climbing and a big burn area with the wind finally back. Tomorrow is a town resupply day and after talking to some folks about hitching options looks like we will be getting off the trail 8 miles earlier than planned so we decided to just call it a night. Found a meadow and ate as much leftover food as we wanted, and now crazy wind is lulling me to sleep as I dream about all the fruits and vegetables tomorrow will bring.

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