Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 36, Mountains!

Daily mileage: 25
Mile 589.5-614.5

I woke up to my stomach growling. Problem was it was 4 am. That is too early to be hungry, I need my sleep! Hunger is a strange thing out here. We talk about food constantly, whether we are hungry or not. But I have never spent so much time trying to eat high calorie foods. I snack on the hour in the mornings, my stomach will growl and 9 times out of 10 it's been one hour since my last snack. Peanut butter has become a mainstay in my diet. No little packets or snack packs for me.
Nope it's the whole jar, and it gets added to everything as well as eaten by the spoonful. Because when I get hungry I get cranky and negative, which just isn't worth it all. Food and water occupy ridiculous amounts of my daily thoughts right now.
Once we started hiking it was cow country time. Evidence of cattle is everywhere. Cow patties and ripped up trail, plus loads of fun signs telling us we were entering livestock areas at our own risk. I decided to go slow today and saw no one until almost eleven. Just me and a whole lot of trees and grassland. Because somehow we have gone back into the mountains and I couldn't be happier.

The trail became a dirt road for a bit and I officially crossed the 600 mile mark. No fancy mile markers or numbers drawn in sticks. Guess 600 isn't as exciting as 500. Oh well, I thought it was cool. Then bear tracks in the road, something I am less excited about.

Made it to the robin bird spring (only for sure water for 16 plus miles) filled up and eventually caught back up with the cousins and caveman for siesta. Passing through gorgeous forest the whole way.

4 hours later we headed back out, trying to get closer to tomorrows first water. Water looks iffy all the way to Walker Pass at mile 651 but will hopefully be better after that.
Five or so miles through some very pretty burn area. A few new flowers to enjoy and then the trek down to Kelso Rd.

Camped on a sandy cliffside on the trail because it got dark. No worries, it is ridiculously comfortable when you have hiked all day.
Less than 100 miles and 5 days until the Sierras! Can't believe how it is all speeding by.

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