Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 29, Back on the trail

Daily mileage: 6.5
Mile 454-460.5

Well our wonderful stay at the Saufleys couldn't last forever. Boxes were mailed, bags were packed and time was wasted until it was a more tolerable temperature outside. Ice cream, salad, smoothies, curry potatoes. Oh kitchens are amazing but the desert was calling. Looks like its going to be tough, almost every day is over 20 miles between water sources. Those packs are going to be awfully heavy...
The tequila kid (Jack who hiked last year) gave us a ride back to the trailhead and after a bit of time on the pavement back to climbing we went.

And now the cousins, caveman and I are all asleep on the trail after watching a great sunset looking forward to the Anderson's tomorrow.

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  1. Maya, I would love to be able to post some photos or stories from your walk on . . . it is our dynamic companion website to The Pacific Crest Trailside Readers. We are trying to encourage the story-telling (through pictures and words and poems) that happens as one walks the PCT. I hope that you will consider sending me something . . . to either or I walked from I-15 to Agua Dulce in 2009 prior to the Station Fire . . . I was even thinking it would be interesting to compare a photo from my walk with yours (you wouldn't believe how lush and wonderful the forest was prior to the fire . . . especially in the Messenger Flats campground area. Or perhaps your dirty shoes compared to your new white shoes you must have picked up at the Saufleys. Or other possibilities . . .

    It sounds like you are having a great hike so far. I section-hiked this year from Idyllwild south to ADZPCTKO and will do another nice section in August. It is part of my 30-year love affair with the trail.