Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 19, Big Bear

Daily mileage: 9

Town Day!

But first a word about trail names. Today when we got to camp I met about 6 people and I can honestly say I remember only one of their names, Roberto. All of the others were of the average Dave, Ben, Jill variety. Now long trails seem to have the tradition that most hikers adopt trail names. It's fun and usually much easier to remember. I mean I have met at least 3 Steve's but only one bobcat. Now you can give yourself a trail name but the best ones are often earned. However if you wait to long its pretty much guaranteed that your name will be related to something you may not like. A few years ago I met a guy named stinky butt, seriously. Anyway names can be a lot of fun. A few days ago I rounded a corner to see a guy who appeared to be wearing only a backpack and a button down shirt, on second glance he was actually wearing briefs as well but still. Can you guess his trail name? Shameless, I don't know this guy at all but his name sure seems to fit perfectly. Back at kick off a few names were suggested for me and it seems like the name Focus is now mine. I seem to lack focus when in camp, or looking at maps, or performing any small activities. I am especially good at losing things but girl who loses stuff is a pretty lame trail name. So for now Focus it is. Although trail names have been known to change if you do something truly stupid or spectacular.

Okay on to town day...
Short 7ish miles to town. In true PCT fashion we saw the highway a good hour before we actually got to it, we had to walk around a few hills first but hey eventually we got there. Right as Moss and I got to the highway we saw a van pull up to the waiting cousins, and running across the street we all scored a ride to Big Bear City. Checked the hiker box (box of free hiker rejects, usually food) but it was empty and everyone very nicely agreed to go with me to Big Bear Lake where my new filter was sent. Turns out Big Bear has both a lake and a city about 5 miles apart, something I did not know last week. Everyone else had stuff in the city, while my box was at the lake. ( side note, big bear lake is bigger than big bear city which seemed very odd to me). We quickly got a great ride to the lake, 4 people each with a pack on their laps in a tiny little car. It was great.
Town days just seem to be hectic. Moss and I went to a great coffee shop and made friends while eating and talking trail. Boxes were picked up, library computers were used, more food was eaten and I wandered around the grocery store in a confused haze. I bought an insane amount of food for 5.5 days (no seriously I overbought really badly and my food bag and feet were complaining). Managed an insanely quick hitch back to the trailhead for all four of us. Right as the guy drove away Moss realized she had left her trekking poles in his car. Bit of a downer for us all and a downside to hitching I now know well.
Quick 2.5 miles to Doble trail camp where we were shocked to see at least 5 people already there at a lone picnic table. No worries though, we sat on the ground eating our Kale salad, grapes and after dinner mints (basically amazing fat in mushed cookie form). Great to be back on the trail.

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