Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 31, 500 miles :)

Daily mileage: 22.7

Just a quick moment to say, woohoo 500 miles and one month on the trail!

We woke up from our nice campsite on the top of the mountain and slowly cruised 6 miles down to another water cache stocked by the Anderson's and then it was back up a thousand plus feet. Miles sort of flowed by as we went in and out of scrubby open manzanita and surprisingly shady oak groves.

Good siesta spot on top of the ridge with the good luck of collector's brother visiting with a truck full of water. Yay for not having to filter funky cistern water during siesta.

Walked about 6 miles as usual after siesta. Climbed through what would have been hot open bushy areas but were perfect in evening shade. Last 1000 ft climb brought us to a nice little meadow where we are tucked in for the night.

And tomorrow is hiker town and the start of the dreaded aqueduct walk in the Mojave Desert. Cue scary music now.

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