Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 24, the Amazingness of Wrightwood

Daily mileage: 12.5

Mile 358-370.5

Town day!
Crazy, hectic and amazing.
Finished climbing, eating breakfast with the sunrise, enjoying trees, and dirt as we contoured and then started to head down. Passed a ski resort and after 11 or so miles hit the interstate looking for a ride the 5 miles into town.

Gray Jay ran up to a truck and we were on our way, nothing like sitting in the back of a pickup as you roll past CHP and a cop and just having them wave. Turns out we came to Wrightwood during some kind if fire safety fair. Giant welcome PCT hiker signs, free coffee, popcorn and hotdogs.

Eating yogurt and bananas never tasted so good. Ran into Hawkeye, Kombucha, and Luckyman outside the grocery store who told us about a trail angel with an extra house we could stay in, with showers and a kitchen! Dolores you are amazing.

Errands, snack time, amazing fish tacos (darn you blurry iPhone pictures) and we were all so full moving was a challenge.
Met lots of people, resupplied and off in search of a ride we went. Not too much luck and then our little white bug savior. Sitting back at the trailhead too full to move, with our insanely heavy packs (that town food and water gets me every time). P-track managed to show up in a matter of minutes, with strawberries!

Finally rolled ourselves onto the trail, slap happy and cracking up the whole way. Slept at the grassy hollow visitor center (which had running water!) one whole mile from the trailhead.
Tomorrow Mt. Baden Powell.

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