Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 35, Windmilling

Daily mileage: 23

Quickly started climbing up and away from the highway. Amazing breakfast with leftover fruit and then headed up the hill. Wow what a climb, I thought the wind was bad before. This was one steep climb and every few wind gusts would have you 3 feet up the hillside off the trail. Not to mention how cold it was! Very dramatic climbing, saddles and curves on cliffs with wind gusts like that are definitely something else.

Finally turned a corner and it got a little warmer and a little less windy. Woohoo. Fire road walking for quite awhile as we rounded on yet another windmill farm. Got to say, the fire road walking was pretty sweet. Nice and straightforward descent and ascent. Made it to Golden Oaks Spring and had an epic 5 hour siesta. Slap happy to an extreme degree. Lots of laughing, card games and pterodactyl impressions. Met some new hikers and after all of our giddiness and yelling of siesta I think everyone knows us as those crazy siesta kids.

Hiked on as usual winding even more around the never ending windmills and finally stopped at a nice bend in the trail and enjoyed the sunset.

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