Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 18, Mellow is the name of the game

Daily mileage: about 19 miles

Todays hike started with the music of ice sloshing around inside my water bottle bc yes, it was that cold last night. In the twenties in fact. And can I just say thank you western mountaineering sleeping bags and silk sleeping bag liners because you literally warmed my heart. I stayed nice and warm until I decided to brave the cold and escape onto the trail. Nothing like camping at over 8000 ft with zero clouds to really bring the chill on.

Wandered through lovely soft trail in the forest all morning, with a few dirt road sections just for fun.

Passed a private zoo in the afternoon which was upsetting, I do not like seeing bears pacing in small enclosures. The day just floated on. The Bog Bear Hostel had a pretty sweet cache set up, too bad that only hard mangoes were left. Oh well, it will be delicious very soon.

Made it down to Arrastre Trail Camp and it's for horses only faucet. Ate with the cousins and managed to take a 5 hour break. Trying to nap in the sun but the silly clouds made it difficult. Lots of folks started appearing so at 6 we took off so we could get just a few miles closer to Big Bear, our town stop tomorrow.
Found a nice big tree to sleep under right at sunset, moss and Ptrack showed up a few minutes later and we had our nice cozy group back.

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