Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 20, the bubble is completely broken

Daily mileage: 23 miles

We've been joking that we have been hiking in a bubble. Since Idyllwild I've seen maybe two or three people a day. Then last night when we showed up to camp there were at least 6 other hikers. And today at least another 8-10 throughout the day. What a change!
But the biggest change today was that we lost Moss. I'm sure it will only be temporary but this morning she opted to hike the few miles back to town to ice her knee and take a full day off. So now we are three.
So it was a slow morning saying goodbye (Moss is an amazing hiker and sure to catch up if she wants to, rest is very important and there are a whole lot of miles to go...)
This morning I was quickly wandering the forests on my own.

Then I managed to run into 5 hikers in less than 30 minutes, although other than a few pleasantries no new hiking partners stuck with me today. Got some great views of Big Bear and then into a burn area. Although lucky for me there was a pretty good breeze and the burn wasn't too bad.

Biggest problem with all these hikers around? Man is it hard to pee when there are people in front of you and behind you on a trail with steep sides and minimal bushes!

Made it to a trail camp for afternoon siesta slash mealtime. Kind of a funny picnic area in the burn. But under a good tree managed to waste the afternoon away eating and napping with the cousins. I really fell asleep and missed even more people passing by according to squirrel. Oh well I'm sure I will meet them soon.
At about 5:30 we headed back out to hike for around 2 more hours in the cooler evening (such an amazing time to hike). Descending down lower into the canyon at about mile 291 in a steep little canyon with the first on trail water we had seen for a few hours we made camp. We heard a much bigger creek/river as we made our way down the canyon but I guess that's for tomorrow.

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