Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 28, the Saufleys

Daily mileage: 11
Mile 443-454

Slept in a whole 15 minutes and then headed down to the KOA for water. Quick breakfast had us back on the trail. Winding up into the sun and then slowly creeping towards the highway as the heat cranked up.

Under highway 14 we went and then up into Vasquez Rocks.

Really baking now we made it the last little bit down the main street of Agua Dulce and to the supermarket for a snack. Apples and day old muffins have never tasted so great. The shade and food was amazing but we had to leave eventually so back on the packs went. Right as we were leaving the actual PCT to get to the trail angels house Kennedy Meadows Tom magically appeared and saved us the blazing hot mile long road walk.
The Saufleys are amazing trail angels. They have set up their home to host hikers during PCT season. You get there and are given a tour including tents with cots to stay in, showers, laundry, a post office, a guest house with a kitchen, internet, and tv just for hikers to use and bicycles to go to town with. It's mind blowing.

Picked up my resupply package and a total surprise package from my lovely coworkers (Armida you rock) and then after staring at all that food biked back to the grocery store because it's been a long time since anyone has been near a real kitchen!

Hours were killed. New friends made and a whole lot of relaxing and eating took place. Went to sleep happy and overwhelmed.

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