Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 67: Salida

6/27: mile 1064.2-1082.4
Miles: 18.2
Total trip miles: 933.6

Hazy views all morning long.

Mostly just trying to get some miles in, Salida just wasn't that far.

A little time out of the forest, talus fields and marmots back in my life.

Baby cornice

This spot actually means a lot to me. I hiked the Collegiate loop last summer and this is where I popped up off the Colorado Trail and joined the CDT northbound for 82 miles. It's also one of the times I really decided I could do the CDT.

The trail took me down towards Monarch Pass. I actually saw day hikers and made some small talk. My feet were aching but I was so close so I pushed on and made it around noon. I went into the little store, overwhelmed I got water and ran back outside. I tried hitching for a bit and a nice couple finally felt sorry for me and yelled from the parking lot offering me a ride.

Lots of chit chat and soon enough I was in Salida. Getting out of the truck I was engulfed in heat. I guess its unseasonably warm, 90 plus. I walked around, apparently it's some kind of art festival and o was surrounded by fresh Snelling hipsters. Too much for me.

I found the hostel and got a bunk. Then I spent way too long walking in circles in the grocery store. I made some friends at the hostel killing time and talking trail. I got taken to dinner and around 7 Nightcrawler even showed up.

There's no AC and after a really impressive thunderstorm the internet went out. Word is lightning struck the underground cable. Hopefully I'll actually drag myself out of town tomorrow although I'm so tired and still have lots to do.

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