Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 76: and then I never left Brekenridge

Miles: 0

I see a guy in the post office and I gave a feeling he's a CDT hiker, but other than a quick head nod we're both busy and I miss talking to him. I feel like it's Christmas. I mail home a very creative package (you try finding a box for a 60 cm ice axe). Goodbye snow gaiters, ice axe and snow baskets, it's maybe 2 pounds of gear I happily wave goodbye too.

And then the real excitement, 3 packages! Resupply food and new maps, new shoes and wind pants that don't have a giant rip up the backside! I'm on the phone with my mom and she verifies what I think, I sound exhausted and overall like crap.

Back at the Fireside Inn I ask if I can stay another night, the guy from the post office has gotten the last bunk but there is a private room. Nightcrawler is 4 miles out and says she's in so here's to another unplanned zero. I'm relieved, resupplying and hiking out sounded wretched.

The guy from the post office is First Man and he is one of the rare northbounders who also did the full San Juans. We talk trail for ages, laughing because we both had figured we were thruhikers. There's a certain degree of gear breakdown, general exhaustion and raggedness that all the northbounders seem to have right now. Simply put Colorado is hard, and it's showing. First Man just did his first week of hiking since recovering from a nasty case of giardia and I'm having such a good time talking and avoiding my chores that life is great.

This trail is killing my gear

Eventually I walk to the expensive grocery store and shocked turn right around and walk across town to the bigger cheaper store. I'm starving and as usual buy too much, but who can say no to a dollar bag of bruised fruit and curry, vegetables and rice? I even buy a cantaloupe, life is good.

I head outside and it's pouring, a down jacket was a poor choice. I'm soaked through by the time o get back to the hostel, oops.

Meeting new hikers, trying to rest up and not much else. I like this town but I'm beat right now and like the Fireside better. There's even an amazing hot tub. Plus who doesn't like hanging out with thruhikers?

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